The Artmarket Gallery, Yorkshire

In the heart of East Yorkshire, sits the Artmarket Gallery.

flamborough The history of East Yorkshire dates back to the Palaeolithic Era with hunter-gatherers following the animal herds across th eland between Britain and Europe. Human settlement began in earnest during the Neolithic period with the oldest monuments recorded, carbon dated to 3700BC.

From 2000 to 800BC, Bronze Age people built hundreds of round barrows - many of which still exist today, and much of the landscape was cleared to make way for arable land and animal grazing. The Romans arrived in Britain in 43AD, but only crossed the Humber Estuary in 71AD to invade the terriories of the Parisii tribe in Northumberland. A Roman presence stayed for a good 400-500 years before the Saxons began to cause trouble and Anglian invaders encroached. in 876AD the Danish invaded and took York, the Danish army settled around the area after being given land by their leader, Halfdan.

After William the Conqueror invaded in 1066, the land in the East Riding was divided up to followers of the new King. Many local lords resisted Williams crown and William retaliated by raising many towns and villages in the area to the ground.

Skidby By the mid 16th century, Henry VIII dissolved the monasteries, and this left large amounts of East Yorkshire in the ownership of the King. This was then sold to private individuals and organisations. The 18th and 19th centuries saw expansion of the canals and eventually rail links across Yorkshire. The rail links especially served to transport large amounts of holiday makers to the quickly growing towns of Bridlington, Scarborough and Filey.

The Artmarket Gallery can be found in Cottingham, nestled between the City of Hull and market town of Beverley We carry a wide range of contemporary art from both new and established artists in our gallery and you can also buy any of our art online. Why not pop by the gallery for a visit ?

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