What is Virtual Viewing ?

Step into our gallery from the comfort of your own home!

Unfortunately, due to the current climate we have had to close our gallery doors. However, our amazing team are all still hard at work (from home) and are dedicated to ensuring our customers still receive our impeccable 5 star service. Therefore, we are bringing the Artmarket Gallery to you.

We are utilising our digital team so you can still view the artwork you love as you would if you were to visit the Artmarket. Much planning, deliberation and clever thinking teamed together to present to you...Virtual Viewing!

This is our brand new service that allows our team to maintain your fabulous buying experience and prove that we will go the extra mile to help any of our art enthusiasts. We understand that this can be a frustrating time so we are here to brighten up your digital screens and your home walls.

What happens when you apply for a Virtual Viewing?

All you need to do is choose which piece of artwork you are interested in and fill out our short contact form. That is it! We do the rest.

You will then receive a personalised video from inside the gallery, which we send straight to your inbox. This video allows you to see the stunning detail our artists create and to find out more about the artwork you are lusting after.

You also have the option to upload an image of the wall (or walls) you wish to place your art on, and we will superimpose the art onto your wall so you can get a real feel for how it will look in situ.



This incredible service will really help you get a feel of the artwork you are interested in and takes online shopping to another dimension.

So sit back, enjoying browsing our website and get in touch with us... all the while you have your feet up with a cuppa!


Disclaimer: We try our best to honour an exact representation of the size of the artwork when superimposing your image, but it is not always completely accurate to size. Whilst we find our scaling is close to the reality, we cannot guarantee that it is representative of the exact measurements. If you require an exact scaling then please supply the measurements of the area and/or fix an A4 piece of paper to the desired wall/walls before taking a picture so we can accurately scale the image.