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Richard Blunt

Inspired by an admiration for film and music, Richard Blunt would describe his work as contemporary, figurative with an edgy and romantic storyline behind it Read more

The Early Years

Born in Stourbridge in the West Midlands Richard loved to be creative, especially with art but also enjoyed playing the guitar and creating music. His career began at Art College, which he soon left to gig up and down the country with various bands and change his career path to study music.

Soon after, Richard returned to the paintbrush but this time moved away from acrylic paints and tried his hand at painting with oils, he instantly fell back in love with art and the rest as they say, is history.

“I only really paint the things that I love and the things that inspire me. I also like to try and tell a story or create a bit of mystery,” says Richard, “I am never truly happy with a piece unless I feel it holds enough mystery to stop and intrigue the viewer, if only for a moment.”

Richard Blunt Original Artwork

Drawing inspiration from all different periods and mixing them up to create a stunning collection with a romantic, luxurious and edgy narrative, Richard Blunt’s originals and limited editions are available at the Artmarket Gallery.

Likening his narrative to something similar to Bonnie & Clyde, Richard Blunts painting process is different to most. Richard starts a painting by hosting a photoshoot between himself and his girlfriend, recreating scenes from movies, television programmes and everyday life that has caught Richard’s artistic eye. The photographs are then sketched onto a hessian board before creating the final, beautiful oil painting.

Oftentimes, his work features nods to his musical ambitions, with couples dancing in front of jukeboxes, pianos and guitarists, his artwork transports you to different eras and has become extremely popular with art buyers across the globe.

Richard Blunt at the Artmarket Gallery

At the Artmarket Gallery, we have the full Richard Blunt collection for sale. Including original artwork, limited editions, sketches and commissions, browse the collection online today and contact our Art Consultants with any queries.
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