New Originals Stephen Simpson Together Forever

Hand picked from the New Autumn Collection, the Artmarket is now displaying stunning originals by talented artists such as Caroline Shotton, Wendy Satchwell, Alex Echo and John D Wilson
Also new in the gallery, Stephen Simpson has released four incredible pieces which demonstrate his technique in using texture and colour, creating artwork with depth and a great use of layers! Inspired by the North East coast line, Stephen Simpson draws his inspiration from natural elements and the illusion of light. Whilst some of his latest work features beautiful displays of the universe and the infinite space, he also shows great ability to create intricate detail using a palette knife finalised with a high gloss finish which adds a sense of purity. 

‘Together Forever’ is a romantically inspired piece using a heavy use of paint built up in layers. The bright blood red used on the flowers and the green of the stems create a vibrant composition which truly captures the essence of strong and powerful love. To add to the vibrancy, the artwork comes framed in a black gloss frame which emphasises the contrast and makes the piece a powerful statement in any room.