Caroline Shotton - We Can Be Heroes SELLS OUT

We Can Be Heroes by Caroline Shotton sells out in record time!  
We Can Be Heroes by Caroline Shotton sells out in record time!  Robert Power from The Artmarket Gallery comments - "Its a sensational piece which we first viewed at the spring preview. The detail is superb and the legendary subject matter was always going to help it sell it out fast. A great piece from the Shotton studio."  Caroline comments "My youngest loves dressing up and pretending he’s a super hero, so jumped at the chance to pose for some photos for my next painting. His brother, nearly nine, and far too old to be photographed in a costume, kindly agreed too. After numerous attempts to get them to pose sensibly, I got some photos I could work from. (Elliot, the youngest, is winding his brother up in the photo shown here, as Sam is wearing his ‘aged 5’ size costume which was very tight… I had to promise I would only photograph him from the waist up!) It was a fantastic piece to work on, and like with so many children when they put costumes on, I could see that Elliot was truly convinced he was a super hero."