Bob Dylans New Art Collection Revisionist Art released 12th April 2014

Bob Dylans new collection Revisionist Art released 12th April 2014 - contact the gallery for more information. 
Revisionist Art In 1965 Bob Dylan picked up an electric guitar and changed the face of rock and roll music forever. In 2014 he challenges our perception of him as an artist. Dylan has never been afraid to defy his audience – many times he has left them struggling to keep up. He left behind the protest songs and swapped his acoustic guitar for an electric one, bewildering many of his fans. But none of this ever seems to concern Dylan, his eyes are firmly fixed on the road ahead, never looking back.In 2008 Dylan captivated the world with the Drawn Blank Series. Revisionist Art could not be any more different. This collection reveals a hard-edged, conceptual form of art that boldly displays the Dylan-esque artistic intelligence fully at work. Bob Dylan is once again showing us the world as he sees it, and he challenges us to come along for the ride. Were delighted to announce the forthcoming launch of hand signed limited edition silkscreens on canvas and paper from Bob Dylan. Released 12th April 2014Contact the gallery for more information.