Bob Dylan Hits The Beaten Path

After the critically acclaimed Drawn Blank Series will we see any new art from the international icon Dylan in 2016?
The Drawn Blank Series has run for nearly a decade and is the best-selling collection of art that we have had the opportunity to be involved with. Dylan doesn’t put his name to many things making owning a piece of Dylan art so special. Some people hate his work, we have often had the comments I could do better, my child could paint better than that but then you will hear the opposite, love it, it’s fantastic it just makes me think, captures the moment. 

However not all of Dylan’s work has been a sellout success like The Drawn Blank Collection a body of work which has seen steady raises in value year on year over the last decade. Take the highly acclaimed Revisionist Art collection launched in London in 2013 with huge publicity within the industry. A collection of reworked from famous magazines such as Time and Playboy, Bob Dylan has taken social, political and pop-culture icons and married them with headlines and images either ripped from other publications or just pulled from the ether. The work did not sell well and art buyers were left unconvinced, time will only tell if this was correct. Then the Brazil Series came in two phases and sold out instantly - we literally could not acquire enough sets to keep collectors happy - it sold out in record time and we often are approached buy people looking to buy; unfortunately, we cant supply. The stars of the two separate collections were Favela Villa Candido, Favela Villa Broncos, Wagon Master and Boxing Gym however such was the strength of the collection most clients bought in complete sets.

So as Dylan’s work treads The Beaten Path only will tell if we see another collection from this thought provoking, controversial and mesmerising artist.