Bob Barker Breaks His Signing Wrist - Luckily Artmarkets Stocked Up!

Bob Barker has badly broken his wrist. Washington Green is quoting 8-10 weeks for art dispatch! Luckily Artmarket is stocked up with his current and past collections - available for immediate dispatch! 
Unfortunately one of our best selling artist’s (and top bloke) Bob Barker has badly broken his painting wrist! *Artists worst nightmare!* He has shattered the radial bone in his arm and undergone surgery including a bone graft. Understandably he is currently in a lot of pain.  He needs to be guided by doctors to ensure his wrist recovers fully and that there is no long term damage to this exceptional artist.  The likely time in plaster for this type of break is 12 to 14 weeks, so Washington Green are currently quoting 8-10 weeks for any unfulfilled orders thats need signing etc.  This incident means that Bob’s art is now, even more scarce than it was before. Luckily the Artmarket Gallery has a wide collection IN STOCK, including his new collection and pieces from his past collection. All the pieces in gallery and stated as Available, In Gallery on our website are available for immediate, next day delivery. Bobs a Yorkshire lad born n bred so im sure he will be fit as a fiddle in no time - but in the meantime i’m sure you will join us in passing on our well wishes to Bob for a speedy recovery.