Alex Echo - Love This Time Of Year - Original Art

Stunning - Alex Echo | ‘Love This Time of Year’ collection now in The Artmarket Gallery.
Stunning - Alex Echo | ‘Love This Time of Year’ collection now in The Artmarket Gallery.Each piece is created and built up in number of layers onto a wooden solid box structure that has a depth of 40mm (aprox 1 ¾ inches).Each have the distinctive ‘Alex Running Paint Effect’ that cascade down the box sides this Running Paint Effect also has the high gloss resin running over them. The face of each piece is also lovingly finished by Alex in the same high gloss epoxy resin and they have an almost mirror very high gloss finish. Alex is so passionate about his work he spends hours painstakingly making sure that each is perfection.As a set of the three they are magnificent each with its own distinctive style and mood and very much part of a set. Each piece is signed on the back with a black Sharpe and titled.Alex’s work is to feature in a major London exhibition later this year and prices for his work are surely only set to rise.A mélange of intricate brush stokes, brings his work together the beauty and history of impressionism with a new language of technique and style: the vibrancy and softness of Turner and the structure of Rothko is evident in his work. A harmony of colour, light, movement and emotion, his paintings are truly original and depict a striking visual narrative which lifts the spirit of the viewer.