Romero Britto "Exudes warmth, optimism and love" - New York Times

Recently selected as an ambassador for the Rio Olympics of 2016, Romero Britto is internationally known for taking part in sporting events as well as collaborating with worldwide known brands such as Coca-Cola and Audi. Described as exuding love and optimism, Romero’s paintings are bursts of vibrant colours and shapes in all their forms. Inspired by the masters Matisse and Picasso, Britto enables us to rediscover cubism as well as his own take on graffiti and pop art. 

The artist’s commitments as an agent of change is highly reflected in the elaborate and spirited compositions which he draws and paints. A sculptor as well as a painter, Britto’s sculptures are unique interpretations of the geometrical yet free flowing shapes which compose his work. Well established as an artist and devoted to his work, Romero Britto remains unique in his style, commercial designs and his involvement with over 250 worldwide charities.