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Mr. Controversial

It’s all in the name for Mr Controversial’s debut collection at the Artmarket Gallery.  Read more
We’re thrilled to be welcoming Mr Controversial to our portfolio of artists with his fearless, satirical and controversial artistry.

Standing out from the crowd, his pieces will catch you by surprise in awe, shock and relatability. By poking fun at the typical millennial, his categorically hilarious one liners will steal your attention by mimicking of our twenty-first century digital age. 

The core of the collection is the 1950s inspired vintage pulp fiction, finished with captivating, thought provoking captions concerning the digital age of dating, flamboyancy and our constant battle of emotions and sarcasm. 

"I draw inspiration from my own life experience, the way social media has completely reimagined and impacted the way we live our lives and inspirational, bold characters from a range of different fields who have left their mark in the world”

Mr Controversial makes the mundane life extraordinary and hilariously absurd. “I love that controversy makes people talk, the reason they talk is because they feel something about what they’ve just seen. Something so powerful that it evoked a reaction and forced them to think”

“I like to think of myself as a combination of a collage artist meets oil painter. My work is mixed media and I pull elements from loads of different places and mash them together. 

I spend hours hunting down vintage memorabilia, photographs, film posters, books on the web or at car boot sales. From that old photo I spend many more hours wrestling with concepts, ways I can make it different, how I can put a controversial twist on it”

Mr. Controversial is a 30 something London based Artist, who creates striking original pieces and limited edition prints by transforming vintage imagery relegated to the past and brings it back to life with oil paint and relatable captions.

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