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Monica Vincent

Iconic Dutch flower paintings and great Renaissance art may seem to have little in common... Read more
...with comic books, tattoos and graffiti – but they all come together in the artwork of Monica Vincent, the latest artist to join the Artmarket stable.

The Brighton-born 3D and digital artist takes images from popular culture – a Star Wars stormtrooper here, a familiar Disney figure there, the odd Lego character – and decorates them with imagery from all of the above and more. Classical Dutch parrot tulips enhance a ram’s skull, emblematic tattoo-style symbols adorn a human skull, while a world-famous mouse is graffiti-embellished, making us see him in a whole different light.

Self-taught, she seeks inspiration in her own trusty sketchbook and an extensive library of her own photography, sketching, photographing or manipulating her works using three-dimensional digital mapping and layering techniques.
She’s equally comfortable with the works of Old Masters and traditional tattoists – many of her holidays are spent visiting tattoo conventions and art galleries across the UK and Europe. She started exhibiting nationally last year after garnering success on the south coast.

A busy working mum of two who creates art in what little spare time she has, Monica says: “I try to let my artwork speak for itself, but I love crazy patterns, ink culture and paintings that are older than the houses they hang in! If I’m not designing tattoo flash, I’m making my own comic book designs.

“Although digital layering is nothing new in the art industry, I like to think that my take on such themes will at least encourage a smile.’

And as if looking after her two daughters and creating iconoclastic art that will encourage visitors to your home to take a fresh look at some familiar favourites wasn’t enough, Monica makes coffee for a living – she is, she says jokingly, the world’s greatest barista!

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