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Former President and Chairman of Marvel Comics, Stan Lee is one of the creators of Spider Man, the Hulk,...
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the Fantastic Four, Iron Man, Thor and the X-Men. Born and raised in a one bedroom apartment in New York Bronx, Stan Lee took an early interest in books and movies, particularly those including Errol Flynn.

As well as attending high school, Stan Lee worked in part time jobs writing news services and press releases and later sold subscriptions to the New York Herald Tribune. In 1939, Stan Lee left school and went on to join the WPA Federal Theatre Project. With the help of his uncle, Stan Lee worked as an assistant for the Timely Comics division of the Pulp Magazine which would later on develop to become Marvel Comics. Starting from the bottom filling inkwells and erasing pencil marks from finished pages, Stan Lee got his first opportunity in 1941 when he published his first comics work for Captain America Comics #3. After becoming interim editor at the age of 19, he soon became editor-in-chief as well as art director until 1972.

Stan Lee's Marvel Revolution extended beyond the characters and storylines, engaging comic book readers and creating a community between the readers and the creators. He also introduced social issues in the comics relating to bigotry, injustice and discrimination which related to the Second World War and later on the racial issues in the United States. This attracted a wider audience despite getting him into hot water with the Comics Code Authority. But by persevering, Stan Lee's resiliance got the codes changed.
Struggles, triumphs, trials and the wonder of the human condition have long been represented in the established heritage for contemporary sequential art. Comic books push this to a level of fantasy, yet we can see the desire and motivation in Stan Lee's work to ground these narratives in reality, which enables us to relate to the messages being conveyed.

Today Stan Lee has become a public face to Marvel Comics, making appearances in comic book conventions and lecturing in colleges around America. In 2012, Stan Lee announced his partnership with Regina Carpinelli, the founder and CEO of Comikaze Expo, Los Angeles' largest comic book convention. Stan Lee also takes part in charity with his own organisation, the Stan Lee Foundation founded in 2010 which focuses on literacy, education and the arts.
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