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Keith McBride

Born in South Shields and inspired by London, Keith McBride transformed his medium from oils,... Read more
...watercolours and inks to collages using Vogue and Tatler.

"I am self taught," said Keith. His fantastic talent was born with a simple lesson from his grandfather: "when I was about 4, my grandad taught me how to draw a donkey and then how to draw a man… and that's it.” Having always had the talent to create fantastic art, Keith saw no other interest. 

Keith’s work offers something of fascination, he refers to his collages as “a massive jigsaw puzzle in reverse.” His inspiration stems from his time working in the capital. Keith would visit rooftops in the heart of London and watch the city wake up, sketching people walking to and from work. Keith's London influence and luxury fashion are unmissable in his latest releases.

Research is a massive part of the process, Keith will spend hours and hours turning the pages of magazines until his hands hurt to find the best snippets for these bespoke collages. These striking pieces of artwork begin with a sketch of stick men, which Keith allows to develop unknowingly: "it is as much as a surprise to me how it will finish as it is to anyone else."

His contemporary and unique collages are eye-catching and there is always something new to find in them. Keith has achieved an international reputation for his collages of the capital. Inspired by architecture, people and the Underground, these collages perfectly capture the hustle and bustle of London.

The Artmarket Gallery launched Keith’s first collection of collages at the start of 2020 and the response has been phenomenal. We look forward to seeing what quirky collages he creates next…

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