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Keith Haring

Keith Haring was an 1980s artist who’s graffiti and pop art explored New York City’s street culture.  Read more
Haring’s importance as an artist is vividly remembered by how his art raised awareness of AIDS. Being openly gay, Haring raised awareness for New York City’s underground activism for homosexuality in times when non heterosexuals kept their sexuality behind closed doors.

Keith was born in Pennsylvania in 1958 and moved to New York City in 1978. He quickly began to use the New York City streets as his canvas, most famously, the subway. Best described as “Pop Art on the street,” this style became symbolic of the artist.

Keith Haring Artwork

Ever the experimental, Keith Haring’s subway paintings caught the eye of many and famous works such as “The Radiant Baby” were brought to life. His admiration for bold lines, vivid colours, and dynamic pose, expressed distinct messages of unity, which became thematic in his style.

In 1980, Keith Haring organised Downtown's ultimate party gallery, Club 57. Haring began to explore by drawing animals, human faces and creating provocative colleges around the city using headlines from the New York Post.

In 1982 Keith Haring was a well known activist known for addressing political and societal themes. He created relationships with like-minded pop artist, Andy Warhol, who became a theme and inspiration of Keith’s works through titles such as “Andy Mouse.” The famous mural, “Crack is Wack”' was painted on a handball court in East Harlem in 1986 and between 1982 and 1986 Haring had over 50 public works across the world. The underground, activist scene advocacy of homosexuality in New York City, led Haring to making friendships with the likes of Madonna, Jean-Michel Basquit and Kenny Scharf.

Keith progressed to retail stores where he continued to raise awareness for AIDS and the crack-cocaine epidemic. His work was often the cause of influence for many commercial brands, such as Lucky Stripe cigarettes, Coca-Cola and Absolute Vodka.

Keith Haring lived a short, but full life. His beliefs and artist inspiration very much reflect the period of time he lived in New York City and Haring’s memory and talent will live on through his prolific public art and drawings, and his generous Foundation. Haring sadly died in 1990 due to complications from AIDS.

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