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Kealey Farmer

Known for creating beautiful floral paintings, often featuring robins, butterflies and hearts,...
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...Kealey Farmer’s signature style can be recognised for encapsulating romance, family, and love, with stunning three-dimensional embellishments. Her uniquely collectable artwork all started with a childhood dream of becoming an artist. Today, Kealey Farmer is acknowledged as one of the most impressive, innovative and collectable contemporary British artists, with a collection of artwork that would make the perfect addition to any home.

‘I’d paint the whole world silver and gold if I could’ said the young Kealey Farmer, a childhood promise that started her budding aspiration of becoming an artist. Kealey Farmer’s art aspirations took a slight back step as she entered the corporate world as a project manager. In 2003, Kealey left her successful corporate career and committed to her lifelong dream as an artist, and has never looked back.

Born in Derbyshire, Kealey Farmer found her true calling in the art world and quickly became a unique, versatile and innovative artist. What began as colourful, energetic abstract paintings has transformed and diverted into her highly collectable, signature and inimitable style. 

In 2006, Kealey began to explore her current style which has transformed into something extraordinary. Whether you’re purchasing an original piece of art by Kealey Farmer or a limited edition print, everything is hand finished by the artist, offering a unique collectability as each piece has its own personal touch!

Using three-dimensional elements, such as glass and resin embellishments, diamond dust and Swarovski crystals, Kealey creates hand-crafted hearts, flowers and birds to finish her artwork and create a romantic, ethereal quality. There is no surprise that Kealey Farmer’s artwork is adored and collected by many. 

Reflecting on her work, Kealey says: “I’ve always loved exquisite things, so it’s been a natural process for me to incorporate this into my work. I love colour, reflections and fluid movements. I want people to be captivated by what they see and hope to make them feel good through my art.”

We are proud to represent the brilliant official artwork by Kealey Farmer at the Artmarket Gallery. With a collection of originals for sale and full access to Kealey Farmer’s collection of limited edition prints, this is the perfect place to start your Kealey Farmer collection.

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