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Katy Jade Dobson

Katy Jade Dobson’s luscious, dreamlike use of colour recalls the work of the artist she cites... Read more one of her greatest influences, French symbolist Odilon Redon.

The Yorkshire-born artist studied at the University of Lincoln after a childhood spent drawing and painting, with a focus on portraits and detailed sketches.

After graduation, Katy Jade began painting wildlife images in a variety of media including acrylic, watercolours and mixed media, often attending art events and fairs with her work. Her images ranged from the subtle, quiet domestic creatures of her home country to jewel-like hummingbirds and birds of paradise, big cats and beasts of the African plains. Such was the positive reaction to these images that Katy began to shift her emphasis to oil paints, revelling in their rich tones and textural possibilities.

Katy Jade has also created a series of revealing portraits of iconic women, including Her Majesty the Queen, all featuring her trademark skill in the use of colour and texture.

Her spirituality can be seen in the graceful, ethereal otherworldliness of her images. Explaining the title of a recent collection, 21 grams, she revealed how an Edwardian doctor posited that that’s the weight of the human soul: “A painting is the artist’s sigh on a canvas, the silhouette of their shadow, and their 21 grams,’ she says.

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