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JJ Adams

Starting his artistic career as an aspiring tattoo artist, JJ Adams’s artwork has become recognisable...
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...for transforming your favourite icons into grunge-y, tatted up, 'hip' members of the art world. JJ Adams’s collection of limited edition prints and original artwork has an edge of 'cool' that no one can compare too. 

Having grown up in Cape Town, South Africa, JJ Adams found himself inspired by Derric Van Rensburg, a contemporary artist from South Africa. Rensburg's influence can be seen in JJ Adams's limited edition prints and originals with eye-catching colours and the use of graphic art, but JJ Adams is seemingly one step ahead.

JJ Adams Limited Edition prints & Originals

Unlike anyone else, JJ Adams combines photography, digital art, acrylics, spray paint and other mixed media to create bespoke, unique pieces of artwork. Extremely popular with collectors, JJ Adams’s artwork style is one of a kind. His time as an apprentice tattoo artist is noticeable in his adaptations of icons. Whether you love Marilyn Monroe or Kylie Minogue, JJ Adams’s artwork shines an entirely different light on these iconic figures that is set to hold a perfect talking point in anyone's home. JJ Adams’s original masterpieces are created using a range of mixed media, featuring techniques such as spray paint, hand painting acrylics, screen printing, collage and digital matte painting. Originals by JJ Adams always sell out fast, if you’re interested in any of these or a commission piece by the artist, contact us. We have the full collection of limited edition prints by JJ Adams available at the Artmarket Gallery. He is fast becoming one of the UK’s most talked about artists.

JJ Adams at the Artmarket Gallery

JJ Adams is truly a unique artist, one to offer crafty manipulations on the things we know and love. At the Artmarket Gallery we are thrilled to represent the artwork by JJ Adams, with the full collection of JJ Adams art for sale.
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