The Artmarket Gallery, Hull

Close to Hull , East Yorkshire you will find the Artmarket Gallery in the village of Cottingham.

Hull City Centre Kingston upon Hull is one of the ten largest cities in the UK, with a resident population of a quarter of a million people. Standing on the banks of the Humber Estuary, Hull has been inhabited since Neolithic times. The River Hull was good for shipping, with early trading of wool from the abbey and the town was granted a Royal Charter in 1293 renaming it from it's original name of Wyke to King's Town Upon Hull.

During the first Scottish War of Independence, the town served as a port for Edward I, later becoming the most important port on Englands East Coast. Main exports were wool and woolen cloth and there was a large industry with the importation of Wine. It's eastern position allowed trade with the Baltic States and Scandinavia, as well as Scotland and Northern Europe. As steam ships came along, this trade spread throughout the world. New docks were built and Hull thrived.

During the English Civil War, Hull sided with the Parliamentarians and refused entry to the King to his great offence. Charles I laid siege to the town (1642), an act which began open conflict between the two forces.

Hull KC StadiumThe latter half of the 19th century saw Hull become a major player in the migration of European settlers to the New World - thousands of emigrants passed through the city on their way to Liverpool - before eventually continuing on to America. At the same time, passenger shipping was booming. The Wilson Line of Hull had grown to be the largest privately owned shipping company in the world, with over a hundred ships. The Whaling industry played a major part in the fortunes of the city, but this peaked before the first World War - emphasis moved towards the deep sea fishing industry until the Cod War of 1975-1976, triggering economic decline for the region.

During WWII, Hull has heavily bombed with 95% of it's houses either destroyed or damaged. It was the second most heavily bombed city (after London) in the UK. Following the war, most of the city was rebuilt.

The Artmarket Gallery can be found to the North West of Hull in the village of Cottingham (itself the largest village in England) just a few miles from the historic market town of Beverley. We have a large selection of art from some of the UK's best loved artists, plus lots of space dedicated to newer and up and coming artists. All of our artwork is available to purchase either online or in the gallery and we're always happy to welcome new faces into the gallery.

The Artmarket Gallery

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