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David Renshaw

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David was born and brought up in Southport and always wanted to be an artist – he remembers as a child being taught the basic elements of drawing by his father. After school, he studied graphic design, then took a job at a local art gallery as a picture framer. He continued to paint in his spare time, developing techniques and ideas, and in 2005 decided it was time to follow his dreams and become a full-time artist.

David had always had a very close relationship with his grandmother; she used to tell him stories about his late grandfather, who had died when he was only young.

In 2008, he was looking for a different direction for his work (at the time, landscapes) that people could connect to on an emotional level. He found inspiration close to home in his grandmother’s tales, and the couple for whom he’s now best known, Ted and Doris, were born.

The loving pair feature in all of his paintings now, sometimes at home, sometimes travelling in their VW camper van, and always with a symbolic heart somewhere in the image.

“I always try to make my work feel atmospheric, and I like to pay particular attention to sky and cloud formations as I consider this element to be vital to the mood of the finished painting, whether it be a dramatic sunset or a misty moonlit night,” says David.

And he’s looking forward to developing the adventures of Ted and Doris in the future.

“So long as people still want them hanging on their walls, I’ll keep painting them!” he says. “I’ve started occasionally adding more family members – a couple of children, a dog – and I might add more, we’ll see.”

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