Ryder's collection of Hidden Hearts

Hidden Hearts is a new collection of original and boutique limited edition prints from the artist Ryder.

The collection focuses on the essence of his work as an artist, which is to convey the viewer to dreamy faraway places that exist in our hearts, dreams and sometimes in reality, if we just open our eyes to love and look a little harder.

In each painting, there is a heart, some obvious, some more subtle, with the heart being the symbol of love and love being the message the artist is sending through the art.

Ryder's signature traits are to be seen in all the paintings, little animals hiding amidst the layers of detail, waiting to reveal themselves overtime as you look a little deeper.

For the first time Ryder has also selected series of pencil sketches, which through the use of a variety of tones of greys, blacks and browns have added depth and atmosphere.

We hope that you love the collection as much as Ryder enjoyed working on it.