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Tim Cotterill aka The Rocket Man

Tim Cotterill may be known as the world’s best-selling bronze artist – but in some circles, he’s better known for his extraordinary vehicles, which have featured on web and TV series Jay Leno’s Garage.
The YouTube clip from the programme has garnered well over 1.5 million views, and fans enjoyed watching the superstar petrolhead meet his match (“The first time I’ve heard Jay out-talked,” was one below-the-screen comment).

Rocket’s 1 to 3 are housed in Tim Cotterill’s ‘toybox’ at the back of his Venice Beach compound: “I live at the front, I work in the middle and I have my big toy box for my monster machines at the back,” he says.

And the artist is currently hard at work on his fourth vehicle, suitably named Rocket 4, which, he says, ‘is coming together fabulously’.

“I’m designing the wheels, the front forks, everything,” the Frogman says.

“Rocket 1 was built in England, I did it all myself, then I put it in a container and shipped it out to the States. Rocket  2 I did in America, and it was a monster project – I had a lot of people helping with that one!

“When you put all these odd combinations of components together to make this shiny, sexy, sleek, beautiful rolling sculpture that you can ride… I get so excited, making something that nobody else has ever built anything like. These are fantasy machines! 

“I’m not going to tell you how much they cost, but Rockets 2 and 3 – they’re both the equivalent of a house!

“Rocket 4 is a two-wheeler – yes, it’s essentially a really flash motorbike! It’s part of a 30-year body of work, phenomenal pieces of radical sculpture – if anything happens to me, they’re going to a museum.

People ask me who made them – what company? I was sort of offended at first, but then I thought, wow, these look so professional that people think they’ve been built by Ford or Chevy. 

“People are mesmerised by them – just as they are with the frogs!”

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