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“Save the frogs” says Tim Cotterill the Frogman

Tim Cotterill makes sculptures of many animals and birds – his owls, for instance, are particularly popular.
But it’s the frogs that have really made his name – quite literally, as Tim Cotterill is known worldwide as the Frogman!

So what is it about these little creatures that captures the imagination of so many?

“My frogs have two arms and two legs – just like people,” Tim says. “And those big eyes. When you look at my frogs, they're very appealing – it’s such a winning combination.”

But frogs are so much more than adorable: in the wild, they’re an important part of many ecosystems. Ranging in size from the tiny gold frog, less than a centimetre long, to the 32cm-long goliath frog, they help keep insect populations down and in turn provide valuable food for bigger predators (including, in some parts of the world, man).

They’re also uniquely valuable in helping us to understand our environment. Frogs are natural ‘bioindicators’, which means that the state of their health reflects the health of the environment they live in – and scientists are currently concerned that nearly a third of amphibian species are threatened with extinction.
All the more reason to act now – respect the environment, help save the frogs, and you’ll help save many other species, including our own. And a little tip from Tim Cotterill – keep a shallow area of non-moving water in your garden (change it weekly to avoid stagnation) and a damp sheltered area – an upturned ceramic pot propped on some stones will do the trick.
You know it’s the right thing to do! 

Frogs have long been an inspiration for art, take a look at our article on ‘Frogs in Folklore and Fine Art’ which talks you through the history of frogs and their symbolism in art across the years. From right back to art in Native American societies right up to Tim Cotterill's, aka the Frogman’s, bronze sculptures, frogs have played a multitude of roles in arts and culture throughout the ages.

The Artmarket Gallery is an award-winning independent gallery based in the beautiful village of Cottingham, East Yorkshire. With an unrivalled collection of Tim Cotterill’s bronze frogs, why not visit our Cottingham based gallery to see them in the flesh. Otherwise, arrange a Virtual Viewing for a close up video of your favourite frogs from the comfort of your own home and take advantage of our complimentary UK delivery.