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David Hockney. 220 for 2020. XXL book by David Hockney

As the worldwide lockdown prevailed, it comes as no surprise that David Hockney found beauty in his surroundings to pass the time. 
"Do remember they cannot cancel the spring," said Hockney in April 2020 as he showcased a collection of iPad drawings of blooming daffodils and blossoming fruit trees from Normandy, offering the world a message of hope in unprecedented times.

The 84 year old, Bradford born artist, is one of the most influential artists of all time. His continuous development of technology in his art has left the collectors, and admirers, in awe throughout his eight-decade-long career.

Hockney's medium of choice in the current day is his iPad. His landscape-inspired iPad depictions are instantly recognisable and have become a highly collectable series, a must-have for any David Hockney collection.

It's with thanks to the iPad that we can present the latest book "David Hockney. 220 for 2020." The project has been 2 years in the making as Hockney closely followed the change in seasons from his Normandy home, using his iPad to spontaneously depict his impression of the landscape that surrounded him.

In 2018, David Hockney and his partner, JP, found a home in Normandy. The picturesque seventeenth century cottage offered fresh new inspiration for Hockney's work as he captured the arrival of spring, the hot summer days, the falling autumn leaves and the dark winter skies. The cottage became Hockney's base for the 2020 lockdown and the base of the David Hockney. 220 for 2020.

"The spring of 2020 was marvellous in northern Europe. It was a beautiful spring, and a lot of people noticed it, probably for the first time, because they were in one place," Hockney said to The New Yorker. The project became a lifeline for the artist throughout the lockdown and we are thrilled to present this book at the Artmarket Gallery.

The 220 (plus four bonus) iPad paintings in this book are printed with up to seven special colours to match the richness of the artist's vision and tipped in on a dark blue paper stock. A short introduction by Hockney reveals how this planned project became a lifeline during the COVID lockdown, from which he spread his message of hope: "Remember they can't cancel the spring."

The book is accompanied by a smaller extra volume of ink and watercolour drawings: the complete facsimiles of two sketchbooks from 2019, starting in the vicinity of the artist's Los Angeles home and following him along scouting trips around Normandy. Both volumes come in a clamshell box with the artist's iPad painting of an aerial view of the Normandy house and garden on the inside of the lid.

Collector's Edition (No. 401-2,020), numbered and stamped in Vol. 1.

Also available in four Art Editions (No. 1-400), each with a numbered print, dated and signed by David Hockney

David Hockney. 220 for 2020 is available to purchase online or in the gallery. See more about the XXL book here, or contact our Art Consultants for more information.