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Celebrating David Hockney's birthday in style

David Hockney's birthday falls on Thursday 9th July, so we are commemorating his honourable work with a birthday offer for the clients of the Artmarket. For this week, you can take advantage of our 20% discount code on the amazing Hockney-inspired, limited edition framed canvas by Chris Chapman.
Titled Holiday Vibes, this piece depicts the famous painting, A Bigger Splash by David Hockney, which has become a recognisable and monumental piece of art history. Enter DH20 at the checkout to secure this piece for the unbeatable price of £396.00!

Yorkshire born artist, David Hockney, has become a renowned global figure for his investment worthy collections of incredible fine art. From iPhone and iPad drawings to more traditional acrylic paintings, the artist has dabbled and excelled in various mediums. Hockney finds inspiration in his surroundings, from Californian pools to the window of his home in Bridlington in East Yorkshire his work is a popular selection at the Artmarket Gallery and we are proud to represent such a prestigious artist.

Inspired by the famous David Hockney pool painting, Chris Chapman encapsulates humour, timeless fine art and honour into this witty piece of art. Chris Chapman is renowned for his humorous renditions of famous art pieces, from Pablo Picasso to Roy Lichtenstein, Chapman has recreated them all with his intrigued onlooker and oftentimes, confused pup. Holiday Vibes is an exclusive limited edition to the Artmarket Gallery, commissioned by our Hockney enthusiast team who celebrate the artist at any given occasion.

This image may be recognisable to many as David Hockney became famous for his pool paintings across the late 1960s. Not available to the private market, A Bigger Splash (1967), is part of a three part collection including Splash (1966) and A Little Splash (1966). A Bigger Splash is currently displayed in London’s Tate Gallery at an astonishing size of 95.5 by 96 inches. Painted using acrylic on canvas, A Bigger Splash is the largest and most jaw dropping of the three part collection, whilst sharing common compositions of the sun-drenched swimming pool with an underlying narrative of tranquillity and luxury California living. 

As an investment worthy artist, it is no surprise that the remaining Splash paintings that are accessible to the private market have significantly increased in value. Splash sold for an astonishing £23.1 million in 2020 after previously selling in 2006 for £2.9 million, according to The Guardian. Very few paintings receive such an unimaginable and prestigious status however, Hockney’s Splash paintings are as recognisable as Van Gogh’s Sunflowers or Edvard Munch’s The Scream

Our expert in investment art stated Hockney’s paintings transmit from admirable to investment worthy, fast! Robert says; “according to Sotheby’s, the average compound annual return for Hockney resold at auction between 2003 and 2017 was 10.7% and 80.8% of 52 such works increased in value making Hockney’s a great investment.”

After visiting California in 1963, Hockey gravitated to the sunny and glamorous lifestyle of Californian living and henceforth, inspired many paintings of pools between 1964 and 1971. Many included men, sometimes nude, however others captured the moment of a splash into water. Artlyst defines this sensational image as definitive and believes A Bigger Splash did “not only whiten the artists career and the pop art movement, but also wishing a greater cannon of art history itself.” The artist relocated to California for a short while, amongst the swimming pools, sleek buildings and vibrant sunshine.

Hockney’s Splash collection has become immensely sought after and recognisable, that’s why the Artmarket Gallery chose to honour the legendary artist through the commission of this piece. Chris Chapman adds his signature style and renames the artist ‘David Knocknee,’ a continuous thread of fine art intertwined with amusement. We knew Chris Chapman was the best artist to translate the intricate talent of David Hockney for Chapman’s enjoyment for creating a visual joke as much as executing the final picture.

Holiday Vibes is created with such care and attention to the art in creation that the resemblance is uncanny. Chapman has envisioned Hockney’s love for stillness in the California lifestyle but also draws attention to the main attraction of the painting, the splash. Joined with an umbrella in the viewers ale bottle and a rubber duck ready to play with in the pool, this limited edition really does give true holiday vibes.

Available in a limited size of just 25, make sure to take advantage of this incredible offer, valid until 16/07/2020.

From the canvas to the book, David Hockney’s incredible art books feature his famous splash works, along with other distinguished paintings by the artist. A Bigger Book was published in 2017 and features an extensive series of portraits, iPad drawings and Yorkshire landscapes inspired by his very own window in East Yorkshire. A book bursting with 450 prints, dating back to 1953, it is a must have for any Hockney enthusiast. Regardless of its investment value, this book is a stunning piece of art to decorate any area imaginable. Published in a limited edition of just 9,000, each numbered and signed by Hockney, the book also includes some never seen before prints. There are just 15 lines of text by the artist, who says: “A book like this shouldn’t have much text.”

Robert, an owner of the Artmarket Gallery, is enamoured by David Hockney’s work. With our tremendous collection ranging from Hockney’s Collector’s Edition and Art Edition books, to folio cases of his prints, the Hockney buying experience is one of excitement and oftentimes, investment. 

“We love David Hockney’s work and having such close proximity to where he has created most of his work since 2005,” says Robert as he discusses the creation of My Window, the book of David Hockney artwork inspired by his window in Bridlington. Bridlington is a seaside town, just an hours drive away from the Artmarket, where Hockney found inspiration for a magnitude of iPad and iPhone drawings. He continues, "this allows the opportunity to see the world through Hockney’s eyes, as he once said 'once you notice the Hawthorn blossom you can’t stop’.” Hockney’s My Window is available through the Artmarket Gallery as a Collector’s Edition and four Art Edition variations. You can enquire about Hockney’s collectable artwork by emailing our friendly gallery team via

Hockney is a well travelled artist, relocating and generating inspiration from wherever he chooses to live. He currently has a new home in Normandy, France where he has spent the lockdown period. Much creativeness has already been published by The Telegraph in an exclusive collectors cover and the artist released exclusive lockdown paintings and a letter from his experience to The Guardian, too. Just this month, Hockney featured on the front page of British Vogue in an opportunity to encourage a ‘reset’ in the world we live in as lockdown reconnects the nation with our beautiful landscapes. Whilst drawing spring flowers from his large garden in Normandy, Hockney sends his advice on his lockdown coping mechanism, art: “We need art, and I do think it can relieve stress.”

We are looking forward to seeing what new comes from David Hockney in these times as he tells British Vogue he has “created 120 iPad paintings” of his Normandy garden.

“It will be wonderful to see what he creates from his new home in Normandy which he has already commented on the apple, cherry and pear blossom and was recently quoted ‘Do Remember They Can't Cancel the Spring’ in relation to the COVID lockdown which is also the title of a new piece he had sent to friends of daffodils,” says Robert. 

You can browse, admire and purchase the incredible work of David Hockney through our website. If there is a painting you have been lusting after, then why not email and we will help with any request possible.

Make sure to take advantage of our amazing discount code for this week only. Enter DH20 at the check out to receive 20% off your very own Holiday Vibes!!