The Artmarket Gallery, Beverley

Just outside of Beverley , East Yorkshire in the village of Cottingham stands the Artmarket Gallery.

Beverley is a 1300 year old market town in the East Riding of Yorkshire, located between the Westwood and the River Hull. it is famous for it's architectural history, Beverley mister, Beverley Racecourse and Beverley Grammar School - the oldest grammar school in England.

Beverley Minster Beverley was founded in Anglian times (7th century), by Saint John of Beverley before being controlled by Viking invaders. Following this it passed to the Cerdic dynasty - it was during this time that Beverley became one of the most religiously important areas of Great Britain. A trading industry was established under the Normans, fuelling it's growth and Beverley became one of the ten largest and richest towns in England, due it's wool trade and it's religious connotations.

A decline began during the Reformation, and the Minster was almost destroyed by it's owners who wished to sell the stone and lead. Local people resisted and the Minster was saved. During Tudor times, Beverley was wracked with large amounts of unemployment, with the gap between rich and poor widening and becoming more pronounced.

Plague hit Beverley badly at the beginning of the 17th Century, and following Charles I being turned away from Hull (thus starting the Civil War). The King spent three weeks staying in a guest house on North Bar, Beverley. Initially Royalist, Beverley was taken by Parlimentarians from Hull forcing the King to flee. The town was reclaimed by Thomas Fairfax and it was Beverley that was the staging point for the Seige of Hull.

In more modern times, Beverley gained a railway station in 1846 and managed to avoid much of the heavy bombing Hull Received during WWII.

Beverley Market Market day is central to Beverley culture, with a smaller market on Wednesdays and a large main event on Saturdays. Beverley is known for it's many festivals including the annual Beverley Folk Festival, Jazz Festival in August and a Chamber Music Festival each September.

Since 1690, Beverley has had a racecourse which is a regular on the annual racing circuit fixture list.

The Artmarket Gallery is situated around 8 miles from the center of Beverley, in the village of Cottingham - the largest village in England. We sell art from a wide range of new and established artists, from John D Wilson and Bob Barker, to Billy Connolly and Ronnie Wood. You can purchase all of our art online (free delivery in the UK) or you can pop in to the gallery and take a look. We're always happy to see new faces - so why not come and see us?

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