When observing Ryder's work, we are quickly drawn in by the peace and calm created by a world full of mystery, colour and stunning landscapes. Using a combined technique of detail and soft brush strokes, we get the effect of looking through a window into a land far, far away. The longer we look, we notice this land comes to life with characters going about their own adventure and buildings hidden away in the trees bringing life and familiarity to us in a world so different to ours.

From the intricate details of flowers in the foreground to the shadow of the trees in the distance, each painting tells a story in multiple chapters which we read and visualise every time we look at the painting on different occasions. Ryder adds to the mystical by being as mysterious as his own work. Making himself almost a character of his own imagination, Ryder plays the role of bridge between us and his world, adding the feeling that it might just be real.

Mysterious and magical, Ryder's work is a door into the unknown and to a world of colour. By merging different genres and disciplines, Ryder steps out of the all-encompassing term of 'artist', allowing his viewers to fully immerse themselves into their own imagination.
With only a name on paper and no biography to influence us in any way, Ryder allows his own work to speak for itself without the policed critique by collection overviews.