Romero Britto

In 1983, Romero Britto travelled to Paris were he discovered the works of Matisse and Picasso which would highly influence his later work and still influences his work today. After displaying his work in various exhibitions and private views, Romero was encouraged to move to the United States where Pop Art was becoming increasingly popular. Romero took the advice and moved to Miami where he set up his studio and opened it up to the public. After getting quickly noticed, he soon found himself displaying his work in exhibitions all around the country and after five years of developing his artwork, Romero Britto was selected amongst other artists such as Andy Warhol and Keith Haring for the Absolute Vodka’s “Absolu Art” campaign in 1988.

Noticeable for his bright and colourful paintings and described by the New York Times as “exudes warmth, optimism and love”, Romero Britto’s work is a burst of shapes and colours. His work features around the world in places such as Hyde Park, London and the O2 Dome in Berlin. He’s also collaborated with large international brands such as Coca-Cola, Disney and Audi. But more recently, Britto has taken part in international sporting events as the official artist for the Football World Cup 2014 in Brazil and has been selected to be an ambassador for the Rio Olympic Games of 2016.

A firm believer in artists being agents of positive change in the world, Romero Britto gives a lot of his time to promoting and helping over 250 charities organisations worldwide. 

An internationally renowned Neo-pop artist, serigrapher and sculptor, Romero Britto’s work has featured in over 100 different countries around the world. Born in a large family of eight brothers and sisters with a very modest upbringing, Romero showed signs of a creative mind and a determination from a young age. Unable to draw on proper paper, he started to sketch everything he saw around him using ripped out pages of newspaper and bits of cardboard. Not only creative but also academic, Romero prospered through his school years and after leaving college, went on to look for new opportunities and experiences.