Nic Joly

Originally starting a career in metalwork and stained glass in the South of England, Nic Joly went on to study at the Winchester School of Art in Hampshire which gave him the opportunity to produce various private commissions in bronze and glass. Soon after, Nic decided to take an apprenticeship in furniture design and making at the John Makepeace's College, Parnham House. During his training, Nic Joly took part in an exchange with the Art Institute in Chicago and in 1996, Nic left Parnham with all three graduation awards from the Cork Street exhibition.

What initially started as a hobby has now developed into satirical as well as truthful small scaled sculptures which Nic Joly has described himself as "larger than life". Inspired by autobiographical truth, Nic Joly's work displays inimitable satirical jest and yet it is displayed proudly to the world.

Inspired by the works of Hieronymus Bosch and Bruegel, Nic uses scale and detail to expose his chosen taboos and restrictions enforced by society in everyday life. “We are all made of light and dark. Why do we all hide the dark side?” Nic Joly finds the humour and awaken our sense of fun in a skilful technique to assert that his pieces are a deflection of "the madness around us". Including objects of everyday life to his work, Nic Joly takes the ordinary and injects a breath of life into his work.

Delivering huge impact in every tiny tableau, Joly uses scale to parody and expose his chosen subject matter, impervious to the taboos and restrictions enforced by society, nothing is safe, nothing is sacred. “We are all made of light and dark. Why do we all hide the dark side?”  

What began as a hobby has evolved into an art form that is as playful as it is skilful.  Whilst encouraging us to awaken our sense of fun, Joly is quick to assert that his pieces are also a deflection of “the madness around us”.  

British Sculptor Nic Joly brings to life paradoxical characters and scenes; small in scale but larger than life, they are simultaneously satirical and truthful in nature. There are strains of autobiographical truth that are treated with Joly’s inimitable satirical jest, and yet displayed proudly for the world to see. 

Incorporating every day objects such as light bulbs, Joly takes the ordinary and breathes life into the pieces through his wry observations. “We are all too quick to belittle ourselves, but we are all small parts in a bigger picture.” 

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