Lawrence Coulson

Always encouraged to draw, Lawrence's main subjects were cars which came from his dream of becoming a car designer which still remains a dream to this day.

Not really exceeding in his art classes, Lawrence left school at the age of 16 to work in the retail business. At the age of 21, his father encouraged him to paint, and giving some techniques and advice on colours to use and the importance of tone, Lawrence soon discovered a pleasure in his work and eventually started selling his work to local pubs for £30 a piece. This gave him the confidence to approach art galleries and by the mid-nineties, he became convinced that painting was what he wanted to do professionally. 

Having met Paul Green and Glyn Washington through his father a few years before, Lawrence arranged for his work to be on show during a visit from Paul to his father's studio. But it wasn't until Lawrence decided to set up a one night exhibition in a restaurant when he decided to invite Paul to attend that his career changed forever. Paul attended the exhibition and in the process, bought most of the artwork. Following that night, Lawrence worked incredibly hard, balancing his role as a retail manager as well as artist in the evenings and weekends. This eventually took its toll, and on the 4th July 1997, Lawrence handed his notice and became a full time professional artist. From that moment, his paintings improved rapidly which led to successful showings at the Halcyon Galleries and eventually, embarked on a publishing program with Washington Green.

Lawrence Coulson's work is inspired by the English landscape in which he enjoys capturing the tension in the air just before a thunderstorm or the atmosphere of an empty beach on a cold autumn morning. As his artwork has developed, the focus point of his paintings has turned to the moods and lights, bringing the sky to become the central theme. Living in Cambridgeshire, with only an hour drive from the Norfolk beaches, Lawrence takes inspiration in the space and the solitary figures in the landscapes which are visible in his work.

Other inspirations come from anything and everything that happens around him, as well as other great artists such as Monet, Corot, Sisley, Seago and more. Not having been to Art School of not being a great art historian, Lawrence finds inspiration wherever he goes.

Unlike the artists mentioned above as his inspirations, Lawrence Coulson technique involves controlled and lightly applied paint. From the moment he places a canvas on an easel, Lawrence knows exactly how he wants the finished look to be. Starting by applying a base cover of colours and tones in Acrylic paint in order to set the colours he wants to use as well as for the painting to dry quicker, Lawrence then proceeds to add a layer of oil paints which he will build up in layers. This allows him to create a very clean and clear painting. Due to the slow drying process of oil paints, Lawrence usually works on several pieces at a time.

Lawrence Coulson has a structured week, starting work in his studio at 9am until 4:30pm. Despite trying to avoid using artificial light, Lawrence cannot help himself pottering around until sometimes 10 o'clock at night. Described as a 'workaholic' by his wife, Lawrence loves his work and always finds something else to do. He also enjoys going for a drive to the coast with a camera and sketchpad, often visiting the huge beaches from Old Hunstanton, Brandcaster and Thornham to the marshes of Cley and Blakeney.

Hi studio can be found at the bottom of his garden in order to get as much light as possible. Equipped with a wall heater to help dry the work and a small sound system playing loud music which helps him concentrate. 

Lawrence Coulson has been surrounded by art for as long as he remembers. The son of Gerald Coulson, one of the country's foremost landscape and aviation artist, Lawrence grew up with oil paintings left to dry all around the house which he took for granted and made him believe that all fathers were the same.