Laura Tinald

In 2009 Laura Tinald graduated from the University of the Arts and is now based for the most part in Birmingham. Her very first source of inspiration came from watching Disney animations where she learned about the technique used by the animators, painting every individual cell at a time in order to create the moving characters we all know so well on our screens. As time went on, Laura developed an interest in other form of art such as the Pre-Raphaelite. On a regular basis, Laura would accompany her parents to the Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery where she discovered the works by Rossetti, famous for his piece ‘Proserpine’. This particular piece would later become an important part of Laura’s inspiration, and visibly features in her own work. After completing an Art Foundation course at the Bourneville Art College, Laura went on to study Fashion Promotion and Illustration at the University of Creative Arts. Drawing and painting in her own time, Laura quickly refined her artwork and still continues to develop to this day.
The discovery of ‘Proserpine’ by Rossetti developed a fascination for the female figure. The detail and texture in the artwork inspired Laura to spend hours drawing ladies with long, flowing locks, trying to capture the same qualities in Rossetti’s work. “His ability to capture the curve of a woman’s lips, or the shine in her hair remains unrivalled, in my opinion” As well as Rossetti, Laura found inspiration in the fashion illustrator David Downton which she describes to have an eye for detail necessary to capture women’s beauty so perfectly, using only a limited amount of lines. Using a range of different medias, Laura is particularly keen on using Indian ink on Fabriano hot-press watercolour paper, first discovered from the illustrators such as Quentin Blake and Ralph Steadman. The vivid and rich colours achieved using inks and the ability to manipulate them allows Laura to create stunning results. Instead of adding ink splashes post-production or using tools in order to purposely create them, Laura’s ink splashes are the outcome of impulsive moment whenever she thinks the artwork needs some extra life.

Laura Tinald is an artist and illustrator who divides her time between Birmingham and London. Her work is inspired by vintage Disney animation and the works of the Pre-Raphaelite artist Rossetti and is known for her work depicting the female faces. Laura has exhibited in numerous exhibitions in and around London as well as collaborated with major creative companies and organisations. 

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