A Break in the Clouds

by Paul Corfield

Corfield comments "Break In The Clouds came about after I had spent quite a bit of time studying the methods of Vermeer. I’ve painted very directly for a few years now and fancied getting back to some glazing/scumbling techniques. Vermeer was a master of those techniques and there’s a lot of information about his methods on the web. Artists of the past had to use these methods because they lacked the range of colours that we have today. They had to glaze transparent colours and scumble semi opaque ones to create new colours that couldn’t be manufactured. With the vast array of colours available to the modern artist we don’t need to glaze anymore, but it’s the optical effects possible with these methods are of interest to me.

A Break in the Clouds by Paul Corfield

Framed Canvas On Board
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No longer available
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