Piccadilly Night

by Neil Dawson

A beautiful and rare original pastel on canvas!

A day in the Life
One of the great advantages of being an artist and working for yourself is the freedom it allows you to set your own timetable and work to your own rhythms. I love not having an alarm clock telling me when to get up and rarely wear a watch, instead responding to when body and mind are ready for the day ahead. After getting up and getting ready I will normally spend a while looking over my canvases (I will normally be working on anything up to about 10 at any one time), mentally preparing myself and formulating a course of action for the day. It rarely goes exactly to plan, painting can be very mercurial, but I like to have some goals and an idea about where I will be heading. I will then turn the radio on for some background music and settle into the day’s work. Lunch is normally a quick and simple affair, as by then I am normally totally involved in what I am doing, too excited by the possibilities ahead to be distracted for too long.

I will normally start to clear up about 7ish, again listening to the body and mind which are normally slowing by then and tiring from the extended effort and concentration I have put in during the day. I will then have a short review period, often making notes on things that I have liked or disliked and thoughts about what should be done next. Then it is time to turn the paintings over so I can’t see them and try and switch off and away from my own personal little world, either losing myself in a book or, more often than not, relaxing in front of the TV. The inertia does not normally last long as something will capture my imagination and set the brain racing with possibilities and potential ideas. I think if you are an artist you are an artist 24/7. You never step out of the office as it were - it affects the way you see and react to the world about you. I tend to get up thinking about art and go to bed with the same thoughts!

Piccadilly Night by Neil Dawson

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