Emerald Marble

by Sarah Graham

This is another piece from the same set of photographs which produced ‘Found my Marbles’ and ‘Mirrorball’. Over the years I seem to be unwittingly developing a series from that particular photo shoot, which is very unusual for me. As a rule every painting is a result of one photography session, but on this occasion there were just so many successful images that I couldn’t decide which to use, so over the years I return to them however I think I have now used all the good images so this will be the last from that session with future marble paintings based on new photo sessions. I was drawn by the colours more than anything on this occasion, the brilliant emerald of the marble against the pink backdrop was too lush to pass by, so even though it was a few years between photo and painting it had always been lodged in my head, and I knew I wouldn’t be happy until I got it out of my system. I think somehow it’s a more calming piece than previous marble paintings, which can be a bit of an assault on the senses with the vast array of colours, the swirls within the glass, and the way I tend to crop on an angle. I really wanted to capture the beauty within the focal marble on this occasion, and everything around it is designed to compliment it.

Emerald Marble by Sarah Graham

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