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Peter Smith and The Secret Pantry...

For the past few months Peter Smith has been creating an original painting especially for Artmarket! This very special piece will be unveiled at our 'Impossimal Dinner Party' on the 21st of May (tickets have sold out but call Charlotte on 01482 876 003 or email to be put on the cancellation list). 

This amazing art work is inspired by The Pipe and Glass Inn which has just been awarded its Michelin Star for the sixth consecutive year! Details of the painting are strictly under wraps until the night of the event, but we will be doing a very small boutique edition of the print that will be available exclusively from Artmarket, email to get on our 'see it first' list!

Following on from our similar event last year with Bob Barker we are expecting a huge demand for this collectors piece. 'Table For Two' by Bob Barker, with its small edition of 54, sold out almost instantly and has increased in value by £300 so far. We have a list of people who are still after this piece too!

For any more information please call the gallery on 01482 876 003!


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