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Original Artwork by Bob Barker | What Tomorrow May Bring

Bob Barker What Tomorrow May Bring
A stunning new original artwork by Bob Barker is on display at the Artmarket gallery in Cottingham East Yorkshire. 

The piece has been created in Barker's signature style using a limited colour palette to portray a moment in time in a typical northern scene. It's a dramatic size measuring 47 x 57'' and is the original that the print has been taken from, often referred to as the 'Print Original' and revered by collectors due to arts increased exposure and that it has the Kudos of being selected to be produced as a limited signed print.

The piece depicts what could be a romantic encounter and the title 'What Tomorrow May Bring' leads the viewer in to think that this may just be the start of something special.

The piece forms part of the new Leeds Museum collection and in naming this collection Northern Light is Bob’s homage to his muse; the spectrum of light from a breaking dawn to the luminosity of a bright, full moon, all intrinsic features found amongst his compositions. He maintains that the north of England is unrivalled in the respect of natural light, and it provides him with settings as reassuringly familiar as they are individually striking. It may also reveal Bob’s insistence that a great deal more shines forth from towns dominated by an industrial legacy than the average observer might credit. Where others see dull brick, soot-blackened stone and polluted skies, his artistic sensibilities see light and colour.

It follows in long line of connecting artworks all with a norther food theme, Chips and Gravy, Just Chips, Gravy Boys and our very own Table For Two all inspired by Barker's love of northern food.

For More information on this stunning artwork please contact the gallery - we envisage the original will sell very quickly, they normally do when they have Barker's signature on them.


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