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Craig Davison has done it again!

Craig Davison is back for the Autumn Collection with some stunning artwork, using his typical shadow style! Both ‘Avengers Resembled’ and ‘Swords Of A Thousand Men’ take us back to our epic childhood adventurers and stories we played in the back garden or in the park. Craig Davison beautifully captures the action of children’s imagination combined with their inspiration looming above them as shadows in the background.
‘Avengers Resembled’ is an incredible piece that reminds us of when we chose to step into our favourite superhero’s shoes and battle the invisible villains and save the day alongside our friends. Still in his typical style, ‘Swords Of A Thousand Men’ is a fantastic composition which illustrates the search for honour and bravery we all craved as children, charging into battle on our trusted bicycles into the open fields waving our wooden sticks. Craig Davison beautifully captures the incredible and endless imagination we all have or had as children in stunning compositions who never fail to make us smile.


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